Top 10 Tips That Improved My Photography - Kim's Studio Art

Top 10 Tips that Improved my Photography

When I made the decision last year to sell online, I knew I needed to make some serious upgrades. ...
Is Blogging a Dead Art?

Is Blogging a Dead Art?

Is Blogging a Dead Art? With the continual rise of social media, Vlogs and YouTube video, ...
Making Enough Time to Run a Growing Business

Making Enough Time to Run a Growing Business

Today’s post is different from most but a topic worth talking about. It’s all about ...
Abstract Boho Tropical Palm Leaves

Two New Boho Wall Art Printables Arrived

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately creating boho-styled art pieces, it’s a stretch ...
The Boho Collection

The Boho Collection / Boho Wall Art / INSTANT DOWNLOAD / Minimalist Printables

Introducing My very FIRST Abstract Boho Collection! I totally stretched myself creating this set ...
Navy Blue & Sunflowers Summer Florals

Spring Florals Printables Collections

No two flowers are ever alike. Florals comes in so many colors, shapes and types. I wanted the ...

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Kimberly 06/09/2021
Purchased "Bible Verses Set Of 12 Cards"
"I love having a journal with pockets and little tuck spots to put things in to discover. The imagery and verses from this set of beautiful cards were the perfect things to add to my journal. Thank you for such a gorgeous set of cards. I will be purchasing more in the future! 🙂"

Heather April 2020

Kim's work is exceptional! She is such a gifted designer!

Judy 04/06/21

Purchased "Set of 3 Pampas Grass Wall Art"
I love these. Excited to print them!