Is Blogging a Dead Art?

Is Blogging a Dead Art?

Is Blogging a Dead Art? With the continual rise of social media, Vlogs and YouTube video marketing, one might think blogging is retired. But not really. Experts say it’s evolving. And I believe there’s still a purpose for blogging.

I started blogging in the early 90s when was the leading software. Then, I transitioned to and finally self hosted WordPress. And, while blogging isn’t the focus on, I find it does have its relevance.

Today, I’m sharing 15 reasons why I think blogging is still relevant:

  1. Writing is my jam. I started out early writing poetry and then short stories, even comic books and finally my autobiography. Speaking has always been a challenge for me but not writing my ideas or thoughts down.
  2. Blogging is an extra pair of hands as it extends my brand and allows my customers to know me better.
  3. It’s an expressive platform that allows more space to talk about products or upcoming projects that social media posts can’t.
  4. It builds community. Blogging connects you with others that you can create a positive experience for your followers. Blogging puts you in touch with people you might not ordinarily meet in person.
  5. It opens opportunities to work with brands or other entrepreneurs.
  6. Blogging is a great creative outlet.
  7. You can create content about other areas of your industry that you want to share.
  8. It’s a platform to announce new product lines.
  9. Not everyone uses social media to connect with the companies they shop with. Blog posts can come to the reader’s email making it easy for them to stay in touch.
  10. It opens up opportunities for collaboration with other business owners in the same industry.
  11. Posts can be a “behind the scenes what it’s like in the daily life of a busy business owner”.
  12. Allows others to support me (an independent creator) through my affiliate links.
  13. It’s an excellent method to pick up new customers.
  14. Builds trust with customers as you’re not coming across 100% of the time selling to them.
  15. Great outreach tool that can meet another person’s need or want, (ex., free giveaways)

In a nutshell, we have many more ways to share content and grow our businesses than ever before. And, it’s important to extend awareness to as many platforms as possible in order to see continual growth. That might be social media, video marketing, eNewsletters, direct mail and yes, blogging too.

Kim McDougal, Kim's Studio Art

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