Making Enough Time to Run a Growing Business

Making Enough Time to Run a Growing Business

Today’s post is different from most but a topic worth talking about. It’s all about making enough time to run a growing business. I’ve actually been self-employed since 1999 and over the years my business models changed to accommodate my evolution. And, to be honest, some of my business ideals didn’t take off as I had hoped. Being an entrepreneur sometimes means starting over.

I opened Kim’s Studio Art last year to create a passive income. The pandemic changed everything and it quickly became apparent that to stay in business meant finding creative ways to supplement our income. That said, making enough time to run a business is still essential. Being much older without kids is an asset as I have more time to work, but I still have a lot of obligations. And, I’ve tried different methods to stay organized which didn’t always work leaving me feeling overwhelmed.

Anyone who runs a full time business will tell you that time is precious. So much happens in a day and before long, it’s evening. I have felt many times that I wasn’t productive but not true. It only seems that way because I’m pulled in a million different directions. However, even if I managed to post two listings on my shop today is an accomplishment and if that’s all I was able to do today, great!

There has to be time for making products and promoting/managing the business. The creating part is where I want to stay in all day but that’s not realistic. It takes a lot more to make a business successful and it starts with creating products but it doesn’t end there.

So, is there an equation for making time to handle all the business’ tasks?

There’s not a one size fits all but there are some tips I’ve learned and maybe these can help you even if you’re not a business owner:

  1. Write it down. I get so many ideas every day and every time I think I can remember, I’m fooling myself! So, I keep a notebook nearby. I jot down my ideas and sometimes I’m rushing so it may be a phrase, but it’s enough for me to understand when I look back at my notes. 
  2. Don’t spend too much time solving one problem. I have had a habit of doing this and what happens is I’ve spent hours on one problem while other tasks piled up. Take a break, regroup, move onto another task and revisit the problem later. A fresh look can be the perfect way to sidetrack your mind so the answer can come through easily.
  3. Update that to-do list. Check off those items from the to-do list as they get done even if only one is checked. And don’t use your list to write down everything in life you need to do. Make realistic deadlines for that day and anything that doesn’t get done goes to the next day, period. 
  4. Don’t punish yourself. If you have 10 things to do in a day and you manage to complete 7, applaud yourself! That’s incredible! But, if you don’t complete but 2 items, still applaud yourself, you get where I’m going. Don’t push so hard to accomplish everything on your list, sometimes it’s not possible. Instead, award yourself with your favorite dessert!
  5. Carve out timeframes. Decide to work your business for a certain time like for example, 2 hours in the morning and 2 later in the day to focus on your work tasks. The other times, you can be doing other things. If you keep to your timeframe, you’ll feel more productive at the end of the day.
  6. Be sure to take care of yourself. Don’t forget about you. You need rest for your mind and body too. Take some time out for yourself even if only 15 minutes a day. It really helps to quiet down and take a break from the phone, computer, etc.

These tips have really helped me. I realized that not everyday is the same, some days I’m really busy and I don’t get as much done as I like. Other days are better when I feel like I conquered the bear! The gist is we all get 24 hours a day and it’s important how we use it.

Kim McDougal, Kim's Studio Art

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