Meet Kim and Ken

Hi! I’m Kim! Nice to meet you! Read on to learn more about me and wonderful hubby!

If I were to describe myself in one word, I would say I’m a creator. I love to make things whether it be a handmade card or on my computer. Creating brings me so much joy. Even though, I don’t have formal art training, and my educational background is in business, I have always leaned towards the creative side.

Kim McDougal, Kim's Studio Art
Kim McDougal, owner of Kim’s Studio Art

My Corporate skills earned me many jobs, yet something was missing but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I lost my first husband to cancer and although, my faith in Christ was strong, it was a tough road to travel yet God saw me through it. I ended up moving to Florida and while working as a word processor, my life began to change. I learned graphic design on the job and loved it. The two things I was good at were beginning to come together…creating graphics and computers and eventually transitioned to web design.

I enjoy creating graphics but, I really wanted to take my artwork to another level. I married again in 2001 and in 2012, my hubby, Ken, and I moved to the beautiful Oregon Coast, I got my chance to craft and create again! I do graphic/web design full time for a day job but in the evenings, I create for myself!

Ken is such a blessing as he supports my efforts and helps advertise my card shop. He owns two eBay shops, runs my handmade greeting card business and is such a creative genius! He’s a professional photographer with 20+ years in the industry. He started in portraiture, weddings and then to stock photography. He offers some of his work on

As a maker and creator, I feel like God has empowered me to help put back some kindness into this world which we need. I hope you find some lovely artwork in my Shop that you can easily download and use in your own projects or to hang on your walls!

Blessings and HUGS!
Kim McDougal
Kim’s Studio Art