Abstract Boho Tropical Palm Leaves

Two New Boho Wall Art Printables Arrived

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately creating boho-styled art pieces, it’s a stretch for me as I’ve not worked with abstract shapes nor these colorways. Although I love earth-tones and really outside my comfort zone, it is fun to try something different! For these two pieces, I again used my own drawings and mixed and matched some bolder colors. I was going after brighter colors this time.

There’s a bunch of reasons I like Boho-styled art for home décor, one major thing I love is that these can go into just about any room and blend in well.

The first set of 2 mixes tropical palm leaves with my hand-drawn shapes. The latest has the brighter colors of the ocean and this entire piece I drew from scratch. You’ll probably recognize it from the ocean piece I created in the set of 10 but with a change of colors!

These pieces are just perfect for any wall space.

Kim McDougal, Kim's Studio Art

Offering Nature Wall Art Printables for Home or Office Décor